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Committment and Consistancy …

So, it has been a little over a month since I have last posted. I logged on randomly because I noticed I needed to update my profile in the about section.

I read it and first had to question ” … am I still 28?” .

Then I pondered “…are my children still 7 and 5.”

Lastly, I asked myself  ” … are we still residence of Virginia?”

Then I went and checked my views and saw that people still peep in to read my posts. I was blown away.

Then a slight conviction set in … because I do believe I have the best group of followers there could be and the list is constantly growing.

I also remember telling my husband that I was going to post every month until 2013. I was excited I had found something I really liked and enjoyed. I was given the oppurtunity to meet other new believers and make some really good friends in the process and some in particular who I almost consider family!

Then what is really crazy is that in the past 3-4 months my family and I have experienced so much. Some of it good some it not so good … but I can say that whatever was meant to harm us God certainly did turn it around for our good.

What didn’t kill us and take us out has certainly made us stronger; as individuals and as a unit.

So, thank you all for remaning consistant when I have not!

Everything that you truly love and care strongly about will require a deep level of consistancy and committment. Do not expect for something to grow and flourish if you have not been committed and consistant.

Every business, every friendship, every marriage, every dream, every goal requires some level of commitment and consistancy.

A price.  A cost. A sacrifice.

Are we really willing to pay the cost?

And I am not just talking about being a “successful” blogger .. but any area in your life that you want to see come to fruition, any areas where you want to see change.

 Are we really willing to pay the cost. And are we really willing to make the committment of  “for better or for worse”. The committment of we will ride this thing out until we see change?

Are we willing to put in the consistency to work this thing out until something breaks?

We have all been at the point and some of us are like … “I have been doing this same thing for years something has got to give.”

Anyway,  I totally just went off on some type of rant.

Just work it until it works. LOL


Love yall … God Bless


Happy Blogging


Random Thoughts ….

 Morning … more like “Almost afternoon everyone hope your day has been going well”.  I feel like I should …. say “Morning” becasue it has totally dragged.

This is going to be a short post .. this is just a small self observation. 

I had a wonderful weekend (I hope you did as well) and it fun I went out spent time with some friends and family on Saturday and then went to church and spent some time with my church fam! So it was great … not too much on my plate … free and easy going.

Now I get to Monday. I am tired and dispondent a tad bit slow and cranky. I was feeling “that type of way” .. which I realized you feel that way when you aren’t really sure what you feel and why you feel what you think that you are feeling! So … it went onto me feeling like I was seperated from God and I wasn’t called nor chosen and I no longer had a purpose for my life .. and all this other junk. So I logged onto my blog, all the while quickly spiraling out of control lol and … I’m reciting the few verses I know trying to build myself up.

I then read last Monday’s Post and I was like “Dang, I sounded this way last Monday”? Whats going on … why am I going into my week on “E” after I just came out of the glory we just entered into the presence of God … and if I remember correctly in the presence of the Lord this liberty and the fullness of joy and pleasures forever more and now I am walking around here questioning my identity and calling in Him?

Then it hit me …. I cannot solely rely on my feelings. Those things are just as wishy washy as they want to be “Sometimes you feel like a nut and sometimes you dont”.  My Pastors  always say “Never make a decision when you are tired” and that is so true I now try not to do much of anything when I am tired lol. So this morning and apparently last monday … I felt my way right on out of God’s hand … lo l … fortunately His word tells that NOTHING can ever pluck us from the love and hand of God not even my little feelings.

While there is nothing wrong with feelings and emotions we cannot let them totally control and dictate things within our life because they can ship wreck us. Just think about how life would be if we all just ran and did things based off of our emotions and feelings. 

 Truth is a lot of times we might not all feel called and or feel anointed or we feel as though we are a child of the most high … God’s word never promised we would always feel called, chosen, anointed and appointed (hey I thought it sounded good it rhymed) but we must KNOW through FAITH that WE ARE and that HE IS and WE ARE AND WILL BECOME JUST WHAT HE HAS SAID AND HAS PROMISED!!

Philippians 1:6 

(New International Version)

 being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.

So, with that wonderful God given revelation I do feel better … a lot better I am however still tired lol but I do know the remedy for that!

God Bless and Happy Monday

Morning Madness

LOL …. so yet again I am stuck.

I posted on Sunday saying I would post on Monday and here I find myself on Thursday scramblng!

I have worked on in the last few hours one post so I am realizing that I am succesful when it comes to making drafts. I try to post as often as something is placed in my heart or something that I have been meditating on … and once the thought is complete I sometimes like to share it. I think today I was trying to force an incomplete thought.

I see it as God’s teachable moment … I always pray (and so should you) that God will always minister to my heart my mind and my spirit. The word says whatever is pure, trustworthy, of virtue, praise worthy and of good report (paraphrased) … think on these things and it also says if we keep our mind stayed on Him he will keep us at perfect peace. LOL … I don’t know about you guys but I most certainly need my peace!

Anyway,  I pray the same for you all as well. That God speaks to you in the midnight hours and reassures you of His Love and faithfulness to you. I pray that his promises be revealed to you and that you go forth in boldness and gladness of heart.

Oh No ….

     OMG …. I am having the worst case of writers block or is this bloggers block?? I was working on another blog and had a sudden thought of “what are you talking about?”

 Have you ever had something in your head that made  so much sense … but as soon as you open your mouth to convey this wonderful world changing point of view … it comes out choppy, in-complete and grossly misunderstood.Leaves you thinking “what happened?”

 Well, that is what I am experiencing lol.

Yesterday, I was on fire and I honestly should have utilized that while the getting was good.

Maybe I am thinking to hard.

I dunno … but I do hope to have something for you guys soon!

I am open to any ideas if you all have some! A little help will be greatly appreciated! lol