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That was Random…

I just wanted to share “again”  something that I noticed the other day talking my daughter, Michaela.

My husband was taking me to work last week and our babies (not so much babies) were in the car and my daughter said to my oldest son, Elijah .. “Have you lost all of your teeth”  in which he answered after thinking for a minute  “No”.

So, she goes on to ask him … “Well, when did you start losing your teeth?” she yells to me in the front seat … “Mommy, when did Elijah start losing his teeth?”

I told her that Elijah began losing teeth when he was five, I said you don’t remember Micci and she answered and said “No, I was only 2”.

“Ding, Ding”  … that’s when I had a moment.

….. I always tell people what intrigues me is that in a relationship such as a marriage;

you have two separate lives now that you have to mesh together all the while still respecting their life individual calling and purpose.

I hope this is making sense.

It does in my head LOL.

But we are taking each individual life and now making it one.

I take my husbands attributes his gifts and talents .. his ultimate life purpose and not only am I pushing him, not only am I trying to push him to seek out what is it God has placed within him ..  and at the same time he does likewise with me.

Cool thing is, is that both of us can benefit from one another!

In the natural … he is a network engineer. His aspiration is to own his own company doing all that great “techy” stuff.

My aspiration is to open a transition center for women.

Ok, our two individual aspirations .. can become one when I finally open my center and he has his IT company and we come together and do business.

We have intertwined our aspirations.

So, I said all that to say …

That is kind of confirmed everything that I thought before.

Even in my children’s’ lives and the way I viewed them.

I realized that even though they are under the same roof  and share the same parents, they both have their own separate gifts, talents and purposes.

It was just an eye opener for me … to hear that she did not remember when her brother lost his teeth and even though they were under the same roof they were in different seasons and at different points in their life.

I love that  at any given point you can be in a crowd of  people and they are all in different seasons of their life.

Awesome thing is … God is tending to all of them, pruning some, watering some, inspecting fruit on some, and uprooting some.

That right there also reminds me and causes me to respect the seasons of others.

Just because I am in the season of harvest (just as an example) does not mean I pick on, beat up and judge the next who is still in a time of sowing.

We need to be sensitive of those around us and not so quick to “judge” someone.

We are called to be ready in and out of season to correct,  rebuke, and encourage with GREAT PATIENCE AND CAREFUL INSTRUCTION.

So while we do not have to be a “respecter of  persons” we do need to be a respecter of seasons and us what we have gained in past seasons to encourage and help someone make through theirs’.


Happy Blogging.




Daily Inspiration ….

 Today’s Scripture:

We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps.
Proverbs 16:9, NLT.

Today’s Word:

There are some people that God has placed in your life to help you reach your destiny. They may not know you very well, but they may introduce you to someone or put in a good word for you with someone you need to be connected with. They may have wisdom or advice that will thrust you forward in life. We have to remember that these divine appointments have been orchestrated by God Almighty.

Divine appointments aren’t always the people you would expect. In fact, oftentimes they are the people you don’t expect—a woman at the grocery store, an intern at the office, someone who may seem to be less influential. But, God can give anyone an idea. God can use anyone to make a connection. We should always be open to receive from others. We should always treat everyone we encounter with dignity, honor and respect. You never know who God is going to use in your life. So be open, be loving, be kind and sow good seeds that will open the doors to His divine appointments!

Prayer for Today:

Father, thank You for ordering my steps. Thank You for divine appointments that keep me on the right path. Help me to discern the opportunities You have placed in front of me and see clearly Your hand guiding me in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Committment and Consistancy …

So, it has been a little over a month since I have last posted. I logged on randomly because I noticed I needed to update my profile in the about section.

I read it and first had to question ” … am I still 28?” .

Then I pondered “…are my children still 7 and 5.”

Lastly, I asked myself  ” … are we still residence of Virginia?”

Then I went and checked my views and saw that people still peep in to read my posts. I was blown away.

Then a slight conviction set in … because I do believe I have the best group of followers there could be and the list is constantly growing.

I also remember telling my husband that I was going to post every month until 2013. I was excited I had found something I really liked and enjoyed. I was given the oppurtunity to meet other new believers and make some really good friends in the process and some in particular who I almost consider family!

Then what is really crazy is that in the past 3-4 months my family and I have experienced so much. Some of it good some it not so good … but I can say that whatever was meant to harm us God certainly did turn it around for our good.

What didn’t kill us and take us out has certainly made us stronger; as individuals and as a unit.

So, thank you all for remaning consistant when I have not!

Everything that you truly love and care strongly about will require a deep level of consistancy and committment. Do not expect for something to grow and flourish if you have not been committed and consistant.

Every business, every friendship, every marriage, every dream, every goal requires some level of commitment and consistancy.

A price.  A cost. A sacrifice.

Are we really willing to pay the cost?

And I am not just talking about being a “successful” blogger .. but any area in your life that you want to see come to fruition, any areas where you want to see change.

 Are we really willing to pay the cost. And are we really willing to make the committment of  “for better or for worse”. The committment of we will ride this thing out until we see change?

Are we willing to put in the consistency to work this thing out until something breaks?

We have all been at the point and some of us are like … “I have been doing this same thing for years something has got to give.”

Anyway,  I totally just went off on some type of rant.

Just work it until it works. LOL


Love yall … God Bless


Happy Blogging

A Good Quote for the Day …

Jealousy is a poison you drink in hopes it will hurt someone else.

Another Daily Insipiration …

Another daily inspiration sent to me today!



Triumphant Life 

“Shout triumphantly to the Lord, all the Earth. Serve the Lord with gladness; come before God with joyful songs.” Psalm 100:1,2 

Daily Express:

 Make a commitment with God to get out of your shell others need you, and want, what you have to offer.

 Complete Message: 

C. S. Lewis once said, “The great thing is to be found at one’s post as a child of God, living each day as if it were our last, but planning as though our world might last  1000 years.”


Some of the greatest people that I have ever known used to be shrinking violets. Overlooked by others, and invisible, they kept to themselves, and wondered why others didn’t treat them better. They had overcome these tendencies and they did. 

These people had to force themselves to get out of their shell. This is not an easy thing to do ,removing one’s self from their comfort zone. But their comfort zone can often be a very lonely, isolated place. 

People need us, people want to like us but we have to be a friend first – before we can expect friends. 

Are you living a life triumphant that God has promised can be yours?

Or are you a spiritual shrinking violet?


As you ponder that question, consider this: God does not intend for you to live a life that is merely mediocre.

And God doesn’t want you to hide the light God has placed within you.


God wants you to “Let your light so shine before humans, that they may see your good works and glorify your God in heaven.” Matthew 5:16

 In short, God wants you to live a triumphant life so that others might know what it means to be a child of God.

 Self-isolation is a formed habit, just as putting oneself “out there” is also a formed habit.

The better life is found in the latter. If you want success in this world it is mostly found in the latter.

People must discover you, they have to find you, to know that you are there.

 I have had to overcome my shyness. People think that I’m a natural extrovert, but that is not true, it has been something that I have worked hard on with God’s daily help. If I can do it, anyone can do it. 

Daily life should be a triumphant celebration. Daily life should be an exercise of smiling and laughing with others in pure spiritual joy. Daily life should be a continual sharing with others. Daily life should reflect your thanksgiving and praise continually. 

Join the celebration today. Live in a way that you, and others, can see God’s light coming through you, so that they too may join the celebration.



Dear God, I come to You today with a different type of prayer.

Please help me to get out of my shell.

Help me to reflect to others kindness, a loving nature, and accessibility.

Help me to no longer place invisible blocks of receptivity around me.

I pray that others can always reach my friendliness.

I pray for new friends.

I am willing to become a friend first.

I am willing to reach out.

With Your help I no longer place invisible barricades and barriers around myself.

I pray for courage, and I pray for the continual will, on a daily basis, to become a people person.

I pray that I’m touchable, reachable, communicative, and friendly – always.

In Jesus Christ’s name Amen


POSITIVE DAILY AFFIRMATION: I’m touchable, reachable, communicative, and friendly.


POSITIVE DAILY QUOTE: “Whatever the need, whatever the goal, turn within in prayer to the power of God.”   Christopher Ian Chenoweth

Oh, Before I go …

Well, the day in the office is just about over for me. I am preparing myself for another weekend. I guess?

Just real quick … choose your friends wisely. Watch their habits and study their character. If they do shady things to other people who they claim to be their friend … then more than likely they do it to you.

And if for some odd reason they are really honest to you and not the other then .. they need to stop lying to that other person and they need to let them go LMBO.

Alright, those are my words of wisdom for the evening. I pray that you all have a wonderful, safe and blessed weekend.

Pray hard, worship hard, fight hard and love harder for love covers a multitude of sins.

And real quick I want to say Welcome to all of my New Followers! I am glad you are “here” with me … please feel free to comment and I am always up for good meaningful conversation.

If you can’t take anything edifying, if you cannot learn from it, if it leaves you drained and empty and feeling vexed and bothered then leave it exactly where it is.

Oh and don’t take advice from lazy people.

Have a Blessed Weekend …


Happy Blogging

A Special Weekly Shout Out … to a Special Lady

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. I mean so close that if you go around the corner too fast, it is going to knock you down. So be careful going around the corner my friend!

Sunday May 13th will be another day where we celebrate the special women in our lives. Although, with any holiday I do not think this should be the only time we celebrate them and our God who created them but we should do it everyday.

I don’t lavish my mom with gifts everyday … I wish I could and if I could I most certainly would.

but …

I think I celebrate my Mom each day when I look at my kids and when I think of what my Mom has done and will do for me.

I remember her telling me … that I am the bear and my kids are my cubs and I must do everything in my power to protect them.

… and since she told me that I have set it on fire and shut it down.

I think of how when  I was young .. how protected I was and how she went out of her way for me and made sure I always had .. not always what I wanted but what I needed.

I did not know until a few years ago that we were poor.

She made the best lemonade out of the worst lemons and I never tasted the bitterness.

My Mom to me is the embodiment of strength and power. Adorned with gentleness and meekness.

A woman full of value and worth.

There is nothing I could ever give her in this life that would compensate for all that she is and is becoming.

If there is anyone other than Christ that I would and will continue to model myself after … It would be her.

This weeks Weekly Shout Out is to my Mom

Vicki Marie …

Mom, Thanks for believing in me when no one else did and for pushing me when no one else would.

Thank you for making me come to church with you because ever since that day my life has never been the same.

Thank you for helping me become the woman I am today and for being that example for me. Although sometimes I wish I was as poised and not so much fire and brimstone .. but God did it for a reason and that is why we are the tag-team we are today.

I am grateful for our relationship as Mother and Daughter and our relationship as Best Friends.

Thanks for loving my family and your push to see us to greatness.

I pray that everything you pour out for us and for others God restores back to you all the more.

You are most definitely the epitome of a Proverbs 31 Woman.


I love you and God Bless