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A Special Weekly Shout Out … to a Special Lady

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. I mean so close that if you go around the corner too fast, it is going to knock you down. So be careful going around the corner my friend!

Sunday May 13th will be another day where we celebrate the special women in our lives. Although, with any holiday I do not think this should be the only time we celebrate them and our God who created them but we should do it everyday.

I don’t lavish my mom with gifts everyday … I wish I could and if I could I most certainly would.

but …

I think I celebrate my Mom each day when I look at my kids and when I think of what my Mom has done and will do for me.

I remember her telling me … that I am the bear and my kids are my cubs and I must do everything in my power to protect them.

… and since she told me that I have set it on fire and shut it down.

I think of how when  I was young .. how protected I was and how she went out of her way for me and made sure I always had .. not always what I wanted but what I needed.

I did not know until a few years ago that we were poor.

She made the best lemonade out of the worst lemons and I never tasted the bitterness.

My Mom to me is the embodiment of strength and power. Adorned with gentleness and meekness.

A woman full of value and worth.

There is nothing I could ever give her in this life that would compensate for all that she is and is becoming.

If there is anyone other than Christ that I would and will continue to model myself after … It would be her.

This weeks Weekly Shout Out is to my Mom

Vicki Marie …

Mom, Thanks for believing in me when no one else did and for pushing me when no one else would.

Thank you for making me come to church with you because ever since that day my life has never been the same.

Thank you for helping me become the woman I am today and for being that example for me. Although sometimes I wish I was as poised and not so much fire and brimstone .. but God did it for a reason and that is why we are the tag-team we are today.

I am grateful for our relationship as Mother and Daughter and our relationship as Best Friends.

Thanks for loving my family and your push to see us to greatness.

I pray that everything you pour out for us and for others God restores back to you all the more.

You are most definitely the epitome of a Proverbs 31 Woman.


I love you and God Bless



Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty.

Enjoy Life

Okie dokie … I have received another great daily inspiration email!

I liked this one because he is simply soaking in and enjoying all of Gods wonderous creation and I too can see myself doing the same thing .. maybe not on a motorcycle! But I would like to just drive aimlessly state to state and enjoy the scenery and just enjoy and soak in life.

So Enjoy …….

Enjoy Life – It Has An Expiration Date

  “God has made everything beautiful in its time. God has also set eternity in the hearts of humans; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end.”  Ecclesiastes 3:11 


 Doesn’t fun fly when you’re having time! There have been times in my life when I’ve had too much time on my hands but never a time when I had too much fun in my hands. My religion of life is to always be cheerful, and to enjoy the journey.

  Some people find the dark cloud for every silver lining, and I admit I lived that way for awhile in my early 20s, but I found it to be useless, unnecessary, self-inflicted suffering. I thank God that I found God!

 I will be home by the time you read this, but I beginning to write this Positive Daily Inspiration from a picnic area where I have stopped on a scenic road in beautiful Mississippi. I’ve been riding my new motorcycle, and I cannot get the smile off my face. I don’t believe that you could even surgically remove it. I love my life, and I am having a particularly good day.

 After a $58 one-way flight from Houston to Jackson Mississippi, I picked up my new motorcycle in Brookhaven Mississippi. I have been shopping for the best price for over two years. Last year, I had the money saved, but the central air-conditioner  went out at my home, it was 105° in Houston that day, my office is located upstairs (closer to the sun) so this took top priority. I told the air conditioner installers that it may look like an air-conditioner, but it’s really my new motorcycle. I told them I was going to sit on the fan unit outside, and allow the wind blow through my hair, and pretend that I was on my new motorcycle. I did that once, but it was not the same. 

 I feel totally alive on a motorcycle, I guess because I’m closer to God’s beauty everywhere. So much is missed on a daily basis of the glory of God, unless one takes time to experience it. I mapped out every scenic road, and checked with Roadfood.com for the best restaurants. I have been on Weight Watchers since the end of June, and will soon continue after this brief interlude.

 I went to The Dinner Bell Restaurant in McComb Mississippi. This is a cornucopia of everything good. You sit at a large round table with 16 other starving people. The center of the table is a massive lazy-susan that is constantly circling homemade delights of over 20 continuously filled dishes within easy grabbing, all you can eat, reach. It was a spiritual experience. The owners Andre and Ashley Davis said it was such a pleasure to serve someone was having such a good time. 

 The next morning the temperature had dropped drastically to 38°. But no problem, I had a heated suit that I plug-in to the electrical system on the motorcycle. It was toasty. I stopped to fill up the gas tank at a Shell station in Natchez Mississippi. A woman at the next pump commented to me, “Your smokin!”

 All I could say was, “Thank you.” Recently, I had heard another woman refer to George Clooney that way.  I just thought, she was commenting about how good I looked on my new motorcycle. Then she got serious, and said, “NO really you are smoking!” Never has a man in the history of motorcycling taken his heated suit off  quicker. But, thank God, nothing was wrong. It was just a combination of heat versus cold in the morning dew.  

After I stopped smoking, I went to the Rosedown Plantation to tour the gardens, and the Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana, followed by another road food delight, Mammy’s Cupboard.  

 I always pray for serendipity unexpected positive surprise. One of the positive surprises on my trip was during a stop off in Alexandria Louisiana, at the Silver Dollar Pawn and Jewelry Center. No, I did not stop at a pawn shop to raise money to go to another road food restaurant. It is the home of the History Channel’s new television series “Cajun Pawnbrokers.”

 I was able to meet the entire family that the show was based on. Jimmie DeRamus, Jimmie, also known as “Big Daddy,” is joined on the show by his daughter Tammie and his younger brother Johnnie.They are wonderful people. The large pawn shop is like a museum, and I spent hours trying to see it all.

 The 20,000-square-foot store houses more than 100,000 items, and is an attraction for school and tourist bus tours.

 I traveled over 710 miles in all, every mile more aware of God. One of my favorite lines is from the Broadway play, “Mame.” Mame says, “Life is like a smorgasbord,  but most people are starving to death.”  

 Life is out there for the taking, if we will but take time for the fun that life offers us.

 Ask God for serendipity in your own life today, and for fun, and for blessing.

 It is everywhere, waiting for your call, and harvest. 

 POSITIVE DAILY AFFIRMATION: I am more alive today than it was yesterday

 and I will be more alive tomorrow than I am today.


 POSITIVE DAILY QUOTE: “There is no such thing in anyone’s life as an unimportant day.”     Alexander Wolcott

 POSITIVE DAILY PRAYER: Dear God, I want to be more alive every day of my life. Help me to find adventure and excitement. Help me to find the humor in every situation. Help me to be uplifted so that I can uplift others.

 In Jesus Christ name Amen


 God bless you make it a great day!  

   Christopher Ian Chenoweth (author)

New Season ..

I must admit … I LOVE BLOGGING.

It gives me the opportunity to just ramble and brain dump. Post my random thoughts, share concerns, talk about my family, talk about God, and to talk about things that other people really don’t find interesting. It gives me the opportunity to just be me. Although, I am like this without the blog and I still share my thoughts and my opinions and those crazy and un-interesting topics with others.  I am learning how pecuiliar I really am .. and I am learning to accept it. I honestly .. (I tell people this all the time … like literally all the time) I wish that I was more accepting of myself when I was younger. I wish that I knew what I know and am still learning about myself now. 

But I did not want to talk about that – that was completely random.

… I wanted to talk about how excited I am that spring is right around the corner and a few days we will be springing the time up and our days will be longer although we know they did that so that we could work longer hours but sorry for them that does not apply to me lol.  

But I am more excited about Spring. I have really like all four seasons but my favorite is spring time. I love it when it snows in the spring and then the snow melts away and everything is clean and fresh. The air is crisp with a little chill. Within a few weeks trees and flowers begin to bud .. birds are out bees come out to pollinate. People and animals come out from hiding. Everything is growing and blossoming.

Everything is just NEW.  The old things have passed away and everything has become new.

I am hoping and praying for a Spring in my spiritual life .. where every thing becomes new. The coldness of winter has gone and everything is in bloom and God is there to tend to my new budding flowers. Enjoying and embracing the opportunity to watch them bloom into something wonderful all the while being able to explore all the newness with gladness of heart.

Even while going through periods of rain …. you know at the end the rain only encourages growth. And if you are anything like me spring rain rarely hinders you.  Matter of fact you even enjoy a good spring rain that washes away all the impurities that winter can leave behind and that spring can sometimes bring.

So I am excited naturally as well as spiritually about the new season and I pray that you all are as well. Whether you may be spiritually in a spring, summer, winter or fall … embrace and make the most out of every season and find something you love, embrace it and learn to make the most of it.   

Cheers to a NEW SEASON ….   


Welcome New Followers!!

This Blog is specifically for my new followers … I just want to say “Welcome”!

You guys have no idea how much this means to me … as corny as that may sound. I said in my first post “Hello World” that our lives our open books .. according to the word we are “living epistles read of all men” (makes you think, huh? “What are people reading in my book”). So with this oppurtunity, I will share all that I am learning and have learned and I share with the hope that it touches and inspires you to Live out Loud and reach to new unimaginable heights in Christ Jesus.

All of my blogs are open for discussion … I don’t have all the answers but God does and so does Google lol … ok, that was corny too.

I believe that all conversations should have meaning to them and it should challenge you to think bigger and to think outside of the box. Every conversation should add something to you .. never take away. So, I really do pray that these posts and our discussions will challenge us all the while edify and glorify God. Truth is … you will gorify something in your life … whether you realize it or not.

So if you have something you would like me to post about or you have a question send them my way … or you just like what I have to say  or you don’t send that my way too I just won’t post that … didn’t mean to put that. I am open to different point of views becasue we all have them and sometimes you have to agree to disagree.

Coming up in the near future I want to add a page for natural hair as that is the newest passion. I don’t know if you noticed in my “About Me” section in my lovely picture … I am Au’ Natural  .. No Additives No Preservatives! So for my natural  beauties no matter the race or hair type … this is for US!!

Anyway, Welcome Followers and Cheers to Happy Blogging!