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Happy Monday

Good Morning Family.  I pray you all had a great weekend!

It is Monday and it is yet another day that the Lord has made and we will rejoice and be glad in it! Another day of God’s grace and His mercy.

I came in this morning and had the Monday Morning Blues …. LOL …  but then I turned on Pandora cut on some praise and worship ( Juanita Bynum Station) and went to town.

So, saturate your atmosphere whether you be at home, in the office, in your cubicle or in the car … with praise and worship or the word of God. While I can not control others and their attitudes for today and I cannot control what they allow in their atmosphere …. I can control what I allow in mines!!

I’m choosing for this day life! I pray that your day be productive and fruitful and that God ministers to heart and spirit. I pray that he anoints you for todays task and that you remain aware and mindful of His kingdom and that He gets the glory out of your life on today and everyday!

Be Blessed and Happy Monday!


More Random Rambling …

I am bored out of my mind. Have you ever felt as though you have outgrown your current job? Well that is me.

I have exactly  30 minutes left … I honestly cannot wait to get home to take care of my sick husband and get him back on the road to good health. I can’t wait to see my little comedians either. My children are the highlight of my day. They love the Lord and talk about Him all the time and sing of his glory! They make me think and challenge me to go deeper.

 They are one of the many gifts God has given to me. They are the light of my life and I would do anything for them. I see them as empty vessels of innocence and purity. I have to be mindful of what I pour into them and who I also allow to pour into them. So, there is a small group that allow my children to be around. Because in my opinion, if you do not respect the way I raise my child then they have no reason to be around you. May sound rough and harsh but it is the truth. And honestly I feel if more parents took the same or similar view … a lot of children would not fall victim to most things that we now witness.

So I don’t think we should be slack when it comes to their upbringing. Not saying we have to put our children on balls and chains but we just have to be mindful of what we introduce them to, what we allow them to see, what we allow them to listen to, what we are teaching them whether it is spoken or not. What do they see us doing; That they could potentially go back and repeat and then we see them as young adults struggling with?

I want to be ever so careful in raising them. Not saying I get it right all the time … because I don’t. But I sure as heck try.

If you raise a child in the way they should go when they get old they will not depart (paraphrasing). 

Sorry, more random rambling but I meant every word!


Weekend Ending …..

I just wanted to say that I hope all of you have had a wonderful weekend. It is now unfortunately coming to an end … but with the hopes of many more to come (God Willing). I am now enjoying the All Star game with my husband and the kids are sound asleep. So, I thought I would use this time to type a little something.

I hope everyone has a blessed and wonderful Monday! I will see y’all then …. 🙂

No Fear Over Here ….

Look you guys, I am so excited today! I am excited because first, the weather is gorgeous( a beautiful 79 degrees), the sun is out, I really think I lost some weight, I’m style’n and profile’n in the 5in. heels, hair is perfect, the kids and husband are happy, I’m SAVED … and lastly I am thrilled over the success of my blog.  I am so thrilled and over the top giddy about this blog that 1:30 could not come fast enough.

Style’n and Profile’n

My husband told me yesterday that, this is (amongst many other things) is what he has envisioned me doing (blogging that is) and great thing is that I totally agreed.

“If you dream with him, He won’t dream with another”
 Dr. Mike Murdock
(had to throw that quote in there)
Anyway, when I talked to a co-worker of mines today (whom I love dearly) we talked about just doing the things God has placed on our heart to do. One thing we talked about that keeps many people stuck is “Fear“.  Well, good news is – is that :
Christ took that to the cross and we have already overcome!
 Many people pray for deliverance from a thing and then we get up and totally leave it up to God to work on … and while that is a wonderful thing we have to understand that the key is: we have to begin to act on that thing.
While some things are totally dependent on the perfect timing of God and we do need his hand to do the work for us, we can still call those things that are not as though they were and move and act in faith. So, if I have prayed to be delivered  from fear and to act in a Godly boldness and confidence then I need to walk in it. If I want for my blog to become successful and reach millions, then I am going to talk and act as though I have already reached my one million followers! You get me??
Hey, Jesus prayed in the garden ” … if this cup could pass from me …” … the He said “Nevertheless” and he got up and eventually proceeded on in what God called him to do. Some of us (me included) need a “Nevertheless” in our spirit and in our heart and minds. That I may see this .. and I might see that but “Nevertheless”. I may feel this and I may feel that but “Nevertheless“.
People of God ….. God has not given us the spirit of fear … but of  love, peace and a sound mind
 We can no longer walk in timidness and doubt or fear .. worry … and whatever else may hinder you. We cannot let what we feel or see dictate how we go forth in life … if you are worried about what your past has been … let it go … it has been forgiven and forgotten … go forth and live. If you are afraid of what people may say or think… to heck with it … Jesus is Lord and I ain’t got to please you ♫cuz I’m FRESH♪  sorry, I am really feeling this broke out in song I’ll post the song for you all later.
But lets vow today and challenge ourselves that we will not live in fear. Stand up to whatever is holding you down … and let the world know you are NOT AFRAID!