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Long Time No Read ….

Hi Everyone.

I first have to say it feels good to be back on my blog! This has been a rather eventful two weeks. My family, on both my side and my husband’s side, went through and experienced the deaths of our grandparents.

I believe that through the grace and mercies of God that we are doing well and I have overcome. Although we naturally miss their presence we do not mourn as those who have no hope in Jesus Christ.

We have been given a sense peace that surpasses all of our understanding. God has truly answered my prayers because a few weeks ago when everything took place I honestly did know how I was going to make it through the next week following our grandparents deaths.

But here I am LOL.

Still alive and kicking and on the other side.

God most definitely is faithful.

So, I pray that everyone has had a wonderful weekend and holiday and I pray that your week as well be blessed.

Fight and Love a little harder today. Understand that the picture is always bigger than what we initially see. 

Keep your hope and your faith in Christ Jesus. Don’t let anyone pull you out from the grace and mercies of God.

If you want something real, something durable, something that will last seek God  because only what is done through Christ will last.

Love you Guys


Happy Blogging



After Hours …

Good Evening Everyone …

Blogging … After Hours

 I guess that is how I would greet you all at 11:16pm … normally do not post after work hours LOL as that is the time when I am really just alone with my thoughts and things are still for the most part. I shared with my Blogger Buddy Napthali that I do my best thinking at work and I also do it at night but those are mostly jotted in my journal.

But I just wanted to share that .. I am truly excited. I as well as my husband and our families have encountered a lot in this past week. I have been challenged on all sides and almost contemplated throwing in the towel on a few occasions but as the word says this present suffering does not compare to the glory that is to be revealed.

We have to fight, fight to believe even when the promise is no where in sight.

Anyway, I was sharing with my husband that in a little less than a month we will be celebrating out first year anniversary.  It seems as though we just got married week before last. Seems like 3 weeks ago I was mailing out invitations and trying to shed some more inches off my waste so I could hopefully squeeze into my dream dress.

I remember a promise soon coming into reality … God’s promise to both me and husband was just days away from manifesting in the natural. Nothing was stopping us and nothing was getting in our way.

Then in a matter of minutes (which my Pastors reminded me of at every counseling) it was done.

But was it really done….

…..  or was it only just beginning?

I think a few months into the promise manifesting we realized that this was only the beginning.

I didn’t mean to go that far into it … I only wanted to share with you all that in less than a month we will be celebrating our first year anniversary of marriage and I am going to do a post about what I have learned in our first year.

I am excited about that and I can tell you now that one thing I learned and learned rather quickly is that marriage is hard work. But this work I am passionate about come hell or high water.

Truly… what God has joined together let no one separate (Mark 10:9)

I do have many other things that have transpired of these past few days I am going to post about as well so



Welcome New Followers!!

I just want to say “Welcome” to all of my new followers and fellow bloggers.

It has been a while since my last welcome I posted and I have  had a number of people join since. I am glad and honored that you guys chose to follow me.

I like to have fun and ponder the things of God and of life … God is life.  So, I invite you guys to join in the discussion feel free to comment and post your opinions, thoughts, revelations and questions. I do not know all the answers but I know a God who does and He said that if any of us lack wisdom come to Him who freely gives without partiality. 

Happy Blogging …. 



Weekend Ending …..

I just wanted to say that I hope all of you have had a wonderful weekend. It is now unfortunately coming to an end … but with the hopes of many more to come (God Willing). I am now enjoying the All Star game with my husband and the kids are sound asleep. So, I thought I would use this time to type a little something.

I hope everyone has a blessed and wonderful Monday! I will see y’all then …. 🙂

Welcome New Followers!!

This Blog is specifically for my new followers … I just want to say “Welcome”!

You guys have no idea how much this means to me … as corny as that may sound. I said in my first post “Hello World” that our lives our open books .. according to the word we are “living epistles read of all men” (makes you think, huh? “What are people reading in my book”). So with this oppurtunity, I will share all that I am learning and have learned and I share with the hope that it touches and inspires you to Live out Loud and reach to new unimaginable heights in Christ Jesus.

All of my blogs are open for discussion … I don’t have all the answers but God does and so does Google lol … ok, that was corny too.

I believe that all conversations should have meaning to them and it should challenge you to think bigger and to think outside of the box. Every conversation should add something to you .. never take away. So, I really do pray that these posts and our discussions will challenge us all the while edify and glorify God. Truth is … you will gorify something in your life … whether you realize it or not.

So if you have something you would like me to post about or you have a question send them my way … or you just like what I have to say  or you don’t send that my way too I just won’t post that … didn’t mean to put that. I am open to different point of views becasue we all have them and sometimes you have to agree to disagree.

Coming up in the near future I want to add a page for natural hair as that is the newest passion. I don’t know if you noticed in my “About Me” section in my lovely picture … I am Au’ Natural  .. No Additives No Preservatives! So for my natural  beauties no matter the race or hair type … this is for US!!

Anyway, Welcome Followers and Cheers to Happy Blogging!