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Fork in the Road ….

Fork in the Road


I think everyone comes to a point in their life where they have to decide whether or not to believe.


I see it almost as being like a fork in the road …

I don’t care if you have been in this walk for the last 25 years, everyone comes to a point where they have decide if they will continue in this journey in Christ or will I decide to throw away and forget (or at least try) all that God has done and showed me.

 I believe that with every decision you bring yourself into a new season … with every revelation you bring yourself into a new “realm” of knowing of God as well as yourself. You have a new understanding of things and how you see them. Even though you may have to adapt … to this new level, you have to adapt to the new revelation, you have to adapt to the new awareness of the spirit of God that is at work in you, you have to adapt to the new you.

You have to adapt to the new level of belief.

I think you come to this “fork in the road” and its like God is trying to say to you … are you ready to go further? Are you ready to go deeper? Are you ready to take your belief and faith to another level?

… so I pray today that you are willing and ready to take your belief to a new place because honestly some people don’t … they get to the fork become disgruntled, disheveled and frustrated and decide to walk away from it all.

But then part of them is still tormented because they still believe and  just in that brief moment of doubt you walked away.

I pray that makes sense  …

but I pray you accept today, accept a new level of belief. I pray that we go forth in this year being fully convinced, convinced that God is real and he reigns, convinced of Gods word that it is alive and very much active, convinced that His word is alive and active in our lives and the lives of those around us.

God Bless.


So Distraught .. I cannot think of a title

Hi Everyone …

I have some depressing news that I have to share.

This is just as worse as typing your term paper in college … working on that project for that final grade that makes up over 70% of your grade.

.. and when you have made it into the last bend and you trip over your finger and press that mystery button that somehow manages to delete everything.

You depend on auto save but for some reason the devil blocked it and it just did not save anything but one word.

Well … that is what happened to me and the post I was working on.

I am highly upset lol … I almost cried and had a meltdown at my desk literally. I had to text my Pastor to inform him … it was a close call I almost needed prayer.

Some angels dispatched on my behalf … I thought I was going to lose it.

But by the grace and mercies of God LOL … I am still here and will attempt to re-do my post.

I prayed that God will bring it all back to my remembrance … because His word said He will do just that.

But don’t you love God … and how He cares about every detail of your life and that we are so free in His love and presence and that we can come to Him as a child even with the most simple request.

and how out of His faithfulness and love and I believe out of  Him having a sense of humor He will do just what we have requested!

Wow … just me thinking on His goodness and faithfulness has me made me feel better!!

His word tells us He will give us the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness!!

God Bless you all


Happy Blogging!

Silver Lining ……

Omg …. Hi everyone! It has been a while since I have posted on my blog. I have been super busy these past few weeks … so when I have a chance for some down time …. I really have “down time”.

Which consists of hours of dosing and rolling from side to side on the sofa … which then moves on to the floor (until I realize me and the floor aren’t as compatible as we used to be) moving on from there to then sleeping for a few more hours in my bed. Until, I realize I have a husband and three kids that I totally forgot about!

Anywho, I am posting in regards to some things that have recently been unfolding in U.S news. I am not big on all the events taking place in our country or the world and I am not big on politics or anything of the sort. But one story in particular has gripped me.

Trayvon Martin.

While it is a sensitive case … I do not want to pull any race cards or offend anyone by no means am I racist or in favor of one race over another. But I do believe that each culture and race, creed, nationality etc should be enlightened and know about where they have come from.

Today, I finally mustered up the strength to listen to 911 calls with the young man screaming in the background. It burns my heart to hear that .. and to think that his mother and father had to listen to that and will more than likely have to re-live that and probably still does hear it quiet often.

It is saddening to me that this man is still free and that people are actually trying to …. defend … this man (Zimmerman).

Then to say that it was him crying out for help in that recording is disgusting to me. I could not imagine listen to my childs plead for help .. because someone is trying to take his life and then to have the one who took his life say it was him screaming. I find it disrespectful and disgusting that one would do that.

Then to supposedly chase him say that you were acting in self-defense and then hear this young man screaming for help and you did not stop wrestling him?

I tried to distance myself from this story … because I do not like to be so emotionally gripped by something that could possibly turn out so unfair. I hate injustice …

But honestly, I did try looking at this from both sides I tried to remain unbiased but it is hard.

We had Joe Morrissey come to our church community center for I guess a rally for Trayvon Martin … and he said something that made me think and it kind of stuck with me ….

“In cases like this we have to find a silver lining”

Honestly, it did not take long for me to find that silver lining and I know it has been brought up a million times before but I can see some good coming out of this case. In regards to that stand your ground law. Is there a possibility this case has and will shine some light on the flaws within this law?

I went on to MSNBC and watched another video that had about a man in Texas who was locked up for supposedly raping a college student some time back and she picked him out of a line up. Come to find out (long story short) the man who did it wasn’t even in the line up and he confessed years later. Unfortunately, the man who as wrongfully arrested and sentenced died while in prison BUT his name was cleared and set into place new regulations for doing line ups … and now his family is fighting to have it implemented throughout the U.S.

Then, I thought what does God think about this. You know how we begin praying “Oh God get him and make him pay” …. but then God put in my heart that it takes one sacrifice, to set others free. This one case can set millions free … this one injustice can create justice for all those to come. Just like with a man in Texas by the name of Tim Cole … his in-justice caused justice for millions of people facing death and time in jail …. just like God sending us His son …. the in justice done to him justified us and set us free from bondage and death of sin.

So, while we know an innocent life was lost and no it should not have happened. Lets look on with hope that this will really open the eyes of the people of this land … and that we create a movement and a law to prevent this from happening again.

RIP Trayvon Martin and Thank you Jesus … for being the leader of movement to reach and touch millions and thank you for you sacrifice to set me free.

Oh No ….

     OMG …. I am having the worst case of writers block or is this bloggers block?? I was working on another blog and had a sudden thought of “what are you talking about?”

 Have you ever had something in your head that made  so much sense … but as soon as you open your mouth to convey this wonderful world changing point of view … it comes out choppy, in-complete and grossly misunderstood.Leaves you thinking “what happened?”

 Well, that is what I am experiencing lol.

Yesterday, I was on fire and I honestly should have utilized that while the getting was good.

Maybe I am thinking to hard.

I dunno … but I do hope to have something for you guys soon!

I am open to any ideas if you all have some! A little help will be greatly appreciated! lol