3.28.2014 Dream

3.28.2014 Dream 

We were on a small commuter plane with about 8 other people everyone was talking and laughing standing around. I was dancing with an elderly Caucasian woman wearing an all-white sweat suite when we suddenly made a hard bank to the left, I looked out the window and saw blue sky and a bit of the wing tip. I fell into the seat I was scared. The pilot came out (older Caucasian male in a pilot uniform) came out from the cockpit and told us that our sister plane “The Cessna” (which was also a small commuter plane) had been “sniped out of the sky”.  I do not know if he said this or if I knew his thoughts but he was contemplating taking the plane up to 30k feet which was high enough to fly but low enough that we would not be detected. We had descended to about 1k feet from off the ground we were in the middle of a green sunny field with what looked like pine trees on both sides or just lush woods on both sides.  I felt feelings of fear and death at that moment.  Prior to entering the plane I had to go up and down elevators and broken stairs within the airport    

Cessna is an aircraft company manufactures small business and commuter planes


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