A Vision: The Praying Man

God came to me a few nights ago and showed me a vision of a man kneeling in sand and praying. As the man prayed beneath his legs a concrete foundation was formed and as he continued to kneel the concrete foundation began to extend into the ground and as the foundation went into the depths of the sand the man also began to rise up (this occurred simultaneously) as the cement foundation went down into the sand it also lifted the praying man into the air as this occurred the man as well turned into cement thus becoming a statue.

God revealed that in this season as we turn to seek Him, He will in turn establish and raise us up as a beacon among the people.

 He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him and He is a public rewarder of those who seek Him in secret.


About strader612

I am 28 years old and from Virginia. I am the proud wife of the most wonderful man together we have three of the most annointed and highly intelligent and comical children. I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a dancer, a fighter, a visionary, and passionate but most importantly I am child of God. View all posts by strader612

6 responses to “A Vision: The Praying Man

  • Naphtali

    hey girl! glad to hear from you!

    • strader612

      Hey Good to hear from you too! How are you?!
      How is everything….. its funny because I was going to email you to check and see how you and the family are!!

      • Naphtali

        Isn’t that just like God! He keeps those of his children together through the spirit! And one great result of that is even when God’s people might not be able to connect for a while, when we do it is like picking up right where we left off! You have been busy since you haven’t posted for a while! Life is crazy here…..

        • strader612

          Things have been a little hectic nothing out of the norm though. Just working, family, ministry all good things!
          Whats going on on your side of the world? How is the family and your daughter how is she?!

          • Naphtali

            Your life sounds like mine! So glad for your good things! We have been colder than usual for sc but at least it doesn’t last until April! Our daughter is well, having some issues. Thanks for asking. She is at the age of trying to figure out “life?” She is now living and working in the world’s greatest city, Charleston, SC. She loves it there but so did I when I lived there many years ago; and yes it is absolutely the best. This past week my husband and I have been nursing our almost 11 year old cat; Maxi. Upper respiratory issues. Vet has her on meds and she is better but wants to go outside and doc said no! I can tell her age is showing; she is so irritable!

  • Apostle Mike Hathaway

    Reblogged this on Kingdom Pioneer Network and commented:
    This is a great read from one of our Ministers at NGIM!!

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