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God Bless


May The Lord of Peace Give You Peace


“Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times in all
ways.”  2 Thessalonians 3:16

Daily Express: The Bible talks about the peace that passes understanding.  This is a God-given peace
in the midst of difficulty.  It is a spirituality that gives you a depth of bliss
in the middle of your problem.

Your life is not defined by outer circumstances.  Your life is defined by what you feel inside
of yourself every moment.  When you are connected with God fully in your awareness you feel
burdens lifted from you, and you feel a profound peace.  You can feel profound peace
from God even in the presence of challenges. 

This is a week to manifest the full peace of God in our minds and in our

Life so filled with joy, song, and laughter, but there are still hearts
that are burdened, and heavy today.  Every day, I talk with people by
who are hurting. Some people face challenges that are so difficult,
like those affected by major storm Sandy on the east coast of America. 

Some people are facing life-threatening health challenges. 
Many are dealing with the effects of trying to make ends meet after losing employment. 
In the prayer ministry of Positive Christianity, we have many prayer requests
from those needing comfort and strength.

God can bring comfort, and peace even in situations where it seems like it
would be impossible to be found.  God can bring strength to allow the praying person
to stand up to any difficulty.

God can provide guidance to maneuver us through a confusing maze, to the desired
answered prayer.

As we pray for peace and uplifting, we remember these words: “Now may our
Lord Jesus Christ Himself, and God our father… comfort your hearts and
ESTABLISH them in every good work and word.”

What does it mean to be established in God’s good?  It means the same
thing as when we say that a certain person is established in the
community, or a business is established, and viewed with respect.

When you are established in God, you are established in God’s heart, which
is peaceful at all times and in all circumstances.  You are established in
health that is not temporal, but permanent.  You are established in joy not
because of what is happening outside of you, but because of what is
happening inside of you.  In your work life, you are established in good lasting
work.  God uses the words of your mouth, establishing in you, a vocabulary
and a tone of voice that will minister to others, and bring peace to them.

Even as we in Positive Christianity pray for our friends and send them
encouraging, constructive words to affirm in prayer, we also behold them
filling their time and their world, with “good works.”  These good works
can consist of any way they may find to enter into life in a more peaceful way.

If you know of a need of comfort and strength in another, the prayer of
your love-filled heart can unfold them and help them invest their awareness
in the present prayer moment and find in it the lasting blessing of God’s peace.


Dear God, I pray today that I am established in your peace.  I pray that I
am established in the harmony and the melody of the universe.  I pray that
I am established in smiles and laughter and true soul enjoyment.  I pray
that I am established in comfort and in strength.

I pray that my mind is established in Your peace.  I am praying that my
employment is established in God’s good works.  I pray that the words of
my mouth are established in God’s word.  I pray that I am established in
following and believing God’s word about my life and about my dear one’s

God, in areas that I may not even be aware of, I ask You to bring your
establishment of perfect peace, balance, and order into my life.  And dear God,
establish my life in Your love, so I may express it to all.

In Jesus Christ’s name…Amen

POSITIVE DAILY AFFIRMATION: The healing power of God restores me. 
My mind and body are peaceful and whole.

POSITIVE DAILY QUOTE: “You must be the change you hope to see in the world.” 
Mahatma Gandhi

God bless you!!


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