All Weather Worshipper …

Good Morning Everyone.

I thought of something (I think) is quite comical (at least to me) yet serious.

I was talking to my Pastor Mike Hathaway on last Sunday and he made a statement and said

“We have worshipped in extreme heat and extreme cold”.

We then came to the conclusion that we are “All Weather Worshippers”.

I then thought of a few friends of mines who are true smokers .. God Bless ’em LOL …

There are two types of smokers in my opinion.

Occasional Smokers and SMOKERS

Let me explain my reasoning  …

Occasional smokers .. smoke just because and/or socially, or they just like a little kick of nicotine every now and then to appease their nerves. They are the ones finding out what the weather is like before they go out. They “consider which way the wind is blowing” before they make their committment to go on break with the other smokers.

and then …

There are SMOKERS ..

They are the ones that no matter what, they are going to do what they have to get that cigarette .. to get the nicotine in their system so that they can fully function and operate.

We have had severe thunderstorms where mother nature unleashed her fury on the earth LOL and our smokers are outside hanging on to a light pole with their big toes … hands muzzled to their face so they don’t lose that flame LOL … all for one smoke.

I mean come hell or high-water … they are outside, they take an extra break. We banned smoking on company grounds and they will walk, hike, jump, crawl, duck and hide to get in that cigarette.

They are so serious about getting the nicotine kick that the company altered the hand book and its policy so that they may clock out and leave the premise, for no longer than 15 minutes and still get paid .

… all to do what …



But in the same way .. that this elite group determines to smoke, we as an elite and elect,  called and chosen group of people need to be the same in regards to our worship!

That no matter what, come hell or high-water I am going to worship. I am going to serve I am going to live a life that is pleasing unto God.

.. and that is our reasonable sacrifice to God for all that He has done and is doing in and through us.

We cannot “consider which way the wind is blowing” because if we do .. we will not sow, we will not serve, we will not pray, we will not worship .. we might even remove ourselves from His grace … if we really stepped back to consider what is really going on in our life … if we consider all that may not be going right in this moment.

Let us stop considering, let us stop pondering .. what if God does this and what if He does that?

Our worship to God is not conditional … we do not seek His face all because we want what is in His hand .. we do not go to church just to shout, get our little itchy ears scratched and our flesh tickled  … or request a word from God for a quick fix.

But we seek His face because we know He holds all the answers, we go to church and shout because we can remember where we came from and how He managed to bring us out, how he dealt with us when no one else wanted to.

We open our spiritual ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to His church and we don’t tickle our flesh but we beat it into submission to the word and will of God and we seek the oracles of God for clarity and direction.

Lets go forth trusting that God IS … and that our path is ordained by the Lord and that His promises are “Yea” and “Amen”.

That regardless of what comes our way, who agrees and who does not .. not matter what people may say, no matter which way the wind blows … we have made up our minds and we are going to worship.

We are so determined to worship that things have to change and alter for us .. they have to fall in place to the Spirit of the Living God .. to the will of God.

LOL, it will either line up or get out.

Let us worship Him with our time, our talents our gitfings, our money, through our families, through the love we display to others, in our prayers and adoration we show Him

Most importantly let us worship Him with our lives.

To all of my “All Weather Worshippers”

Love you and God Bless


Oh and Happy Blogging




About strader612

I am 28 years old and from Virginia. I am the proud wife of the most wonderful man together we have three of the most annointed and highly intelligent and comical children. I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a dancer, a fighter, a visionary, and passionate but most importantly I am child of God. View all posts by strader612

6 responses to “All Weather Worshipper …

  • Naphtali

    hey girl, I was thinkin bout you! so glad to hear from you!

      • Naphtali

        Hey, doin ok. busy. Allergies are a bummer. I feel like a druggie. But I am not sick! Yea! Also in the middle of a possible lawsuit. I am a key witness so I may have to testify if it gets to trial; which may be within the next few weeks.

        What are you up to? Has your life calmed down any? I know you have been through a lot. Just want you to know I think about you and pray for you!

        • strader612

          Well I do hope you feel better. I heard a few spoonfuls of vinegar helps with allergies and sinuses!! I so know exactly how it goes .. People think you are suffering from some horrible cold lol then your like No I’m not sick just allergies LOL .. Then you get the look of poor thing!
          So your a key witness in a lawsuit … Sounds interesting!! Tell the truth … The whole truth and nothing but the truth .. So help you God!! I think they want to make sure you tell the truth LOL!! I do pray all goes well and the justice is served! No one better not have done you wrong!!

          But I am doing well .. Things have calmed down Thank God!! Just May through August was a very hectic time. We lost both grandparents (think I told you that) within days of each other and then found out we were pregnant but loss the baby (ectopic) had to have surgery and recover all the while having to get ready to move and then find the place we were going to already had residence of the critter kind LOL and then have to go back but God moved for us and we ended up with something better than before! But God kept us through it all and made us closer all in the process!! Thank you for your prayers for me and my family!! We greatly appreciate Hun ❤

          • Naphtali

            Oh dear, no I didn’t know you had been pregnant. I am so sorry. How do you feel? and it sounds like a lot happened all at once. But that is the way it is it seems. God is good and I pray he is with you strengthening you in every way. Love you dear!

            • strader612

              LOL … We didn’t know either!! It was a really hectic time … and everything popped up all together! But to me and it was an eyeopener … that God can do the immpossible! I will have to email you in regards to that but I feel fine!! It was a little devastating after but it was ok … you know … just one of those things where it hurt but you ok and you still know that best is yet to come! God is Good and He is Great!

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