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Free ….


Simply Put …

God is faithful and He will do it …..

Don’t Forget … You Are Free!!

I think as Christians the number one thing we forget is that we are free. We have been freed from sin, shame, condemnation, bondage, fear and depression. There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ … we have to remember that he who the Son has set free is free indeed. We have to remember that those who are NOW in Christ are new creatures. So no longer shall we live stuck in the chains of bondage … no longer shall we live as a slave to our sins no longer shall we live to the demands of our sins when we no longer have to.. when we have been set free and when we are truly sons and daughters of Christ.  


We should no longer battle with fear, insecurities, doubt, worry, anger, depression when we have been set free from all of that.  We should no longer wrestle with those things that so easily beset us when we have been given the power and ability to war back. Its so simple… the word tells us to flee, to resist the devil …. Resist the temptations.


Let us put off the old man in this season and embrace the new creature we have become … for the perfect work God has begun in us He will complete it. He said “Greater is HE that is in me than he that is in the world” may we embrace that on today. May we walk in what God has called us to walk in … may we grasp our heavenly identity today. And go forth in power and confidence.


We serve a great and mighty God … now lets act like it.

Committment and Consistancy …

So, it has been a little over a month since I have last posted. I logged on randomly because I noticed I needed to update my profile in the about section.

I read it and first had to question ” … am I still 28?” .

Then I pondered “…are my children still 7 and 5.”

Lastly, I asked myself  ” … are we still residence of Virginia?”

Then I went and checked my views and saw that people still peep in to read my posts. I was blown away.

Then a slight conviction set in … because I do believe I have the best group of followers there could be and the list is constantly growing.

I also remember telling my husband that I was going to post every month until 2013. I was excited I had found something I really liked and enjoyed. I was given the oppurtunity to meet other new believers and make some really good friends in the process and some in particular who I almost consider family!

Then what is really crazy is that in the past 3-4 months my family and I have experienced so much. Some of it good some it not so good … but I can say that whatever was meant to harm us God certainly did turn it around for our good.

What didn’t kill us and take us out has certainly made us stronger; as individuals and as a unit.

So, thank you all for remaning consistant when I have not!

Everything that you truly love and care strongly about will require a deep level of consistancy and committment. Do not expect for something to grow and flourish if you have not been committed and consistant.

Every business, every friendship, every marriage, every dream, every goal requires some level of commitment and consistancy.

A price.  A cost. A sacrifice.

Are we really willing to pay the cost?

And I am not just talking about being a “successful” blogger .. but any area in your life that you want to see come to fruition, any areas where you want to see change.

 Are we really willing to pay the cost. And are we really willing to make the committment of  “for better or for worse”. The committment of we will ride this thing out until we see change?

Are we willing to put in the consistency to work this thing out until something breaks?

We have all been at the point and some of us are like … “I have been doing this same thing for years something has got to give.”

Anyway,  I totally just went off on some type of rant.

Just work it until it works. LOL


Love yall … God Bless


Happy Blogging