Daily Inspiration … Enjoy!


I received this inspiration email this morning … and it was right on time!! I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did!

“Teach me to do Thy Will, for thou art my God!” 

Psalms 143:10


Daily Express: The stress and tediousness of Monday’s can be turned into joy teaming up with God

in the workplace. Responsibility and commitment to God first, and then teamed with God to meet

your worldly obligations bring ease and happiness into every moment.

On Monday morning the alarm goes off, and many will drag themselves out of bed to face the daily grind.

Why do we do it? It’s our responsibility. It’s what we agreed to do. Perhaps it is commitment to family

to make their lives better. Perhaps we are working towards a goal.


It all takes responsibility and commitment.


Monday mornings are especially hard for some, because in their minds it’s all starting again,

after too brief of a time off.


Some will go to the office today with grand ideas of change, only to be told

we’ve never done it that way before.


God is the remedy for Monday morning blues. You do not have to take the responsibility

all on your own. You do not have to take the commitment all on your own.


You are one with God.


Sometimes your life can seem like a continual exercise in following rules,

regulations, laws, policies, or established routines.  However, you can

lessen the impact of feeling controlled by outside forces by taking

responsibility for your own life.


Have you ever heard anyone say to you, “Well, we have never done it that

way before?”  Every great idea that has ever been stated by someone has

been greeted with a statement like that.


As you follow God’s prompting, you have the real sense of Divine

principles.  You feel less restricted by regulations and routines made by

humankind.  Your guidelines come directly from God.  Following them, you

give yourself freedom to nurture your inherent capabilities.  As you

transcend the need of being governed from the outside, you transcend the

accompanying feelings of restriction.


As you give the power and authority over your life to God expressing

through you, your life aligns with optimistic thinking and fruitful

living.  Immediately, you will feel less trapped.  You accept

responsibility for life by following God’s Spirit living through you.

You make a commitment to this kind of life.


Monday should never be lived alone. Monday’s become glorious places with God.


You may think of commitment as an obligation or a duty.  You may feel as

though it is something you must do and, therefore, do not feel any joy and

enthusiasm for it.  Many people go to church this way out of commitment or

obligation or duty and the joy is missing and lost.


True commitment springs forth when you follow the instructions of God.

Then there is harmony of mind, body, and soul.


It is a dedication of your whole self to being the best that you can be in

whatever you are doing.


Commitment is something that gives you direction in life and joy in living

a fulfilling life.


Past commitments may be fulfilled so that you move onto new commitments.

New commitments may lead you to a new job, relationship, or experience.

You can, however, renew a commitment to a belief, relationship, or cause,

knowing that when you are Divinely inspired, you will now be giving the very

best that is within you.



 Dear God, I pray today that I do not fear responsibility and commitment.

I seek to follow Your inner prompting.  I seek to follow Your guidelines

to the highest path that life can lead me to.  I realize, as I follow You,

I give myself freedom to be the best that I can be.  I am not held under

the oppressive barrier of my former limitations.


I rise above this bar with optimistic thinking and fruitful living.  I do

not worship You out of duty or obligation; I worship You from the joy and

love welling up inside of me.


Thank you God, in Jesus Christ’s name…Amen


POSITIVE DAILY AFFIRMATION: The power of God fills me with renewed strength right now.


POSITIVE DAILY QUOTE: “Adversity has the effect of the eliciting talents, which, in prosperous

circumstances, would have laid dormant.” Horace



God bless you!!!!

Christopher Ian Chenoweth



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