Happy Monday

Good Morning Family.  I pray you all had a great weekend!

It is Monday and it is yet another day that the Lord has made and we will rejoice and be glad in it! Another day of God’s grace and His mercy.

I came in this morning and had the Monday Morning Blues …. LOL …  but then I turned on Pandora cut on some praise and worship ( Juanita Bynum Station) and went to town.

So, saturate your atmosphere whether you be at home, in the office, in your cubicle or in the car … with praise and worship or the word of God. While I can not control others and their attitudes for today and I cannot control what they allow in their atmosphere …. I can control what I allow in mines!!

I’m choosing for this day life! I pray that your day be productive and fruitful and that God ministers to heart and spirit. I pray that he anoints you for todays task and that you remain aware and mindful of His kingdom and that He gets the glory out of your life on today and everyday!

Be Blessed and Happy Monday!


About strader612

I am 28 years old and from Virginia. I am the proud wife of the most wonderful man together we have three of the most annointed and highly intelligent and comical children. I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a dancer, a fighter, a visionary, and passionate but most importantly I am child of God. View all posts by strader612

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