Silver Lining ……

Omg …. Hi everyone! It has been a while since I have posted on my blog. I have been super busy these past few weeks … so when I have a chance for some down time …. I really have “down time”.

Which consists of hours of dosing and rolling from side to side on the sofa … which then moves on to the floor (until I realize me and the floor aren’t as compatible as we used to be) moving on from there to then sleeping for a few more hours in my bed. Until, I realize I have a husband and three kids that I totally forgot about!

Anywho, I am posting in regards to some things that have recently been unfolding in U.S news. I am not big on all the events taking place in our country or the world and I am not big on politics or anything of the sort. But one story in particular has gripped me.

Trayvon Martin.

While it is a sensitive case … I do not want to pull any race cards or offend anyone by no means am I racist or in favor of one race over another. But I do believe that each culture and race, creed, nationality etc should be enlightened and know about where they have come from.

Today, I finally mustered up the strength to listen to 911 calls with the young man screaming in the background. It burns my heart to hear that .. and to think that his mother and father had to listen to that and will more than likely have to re-live that and probably still does hear it quiet often.

It is saddening to me that this man is still free and that people are actually trying to …. defend … this man (Zimmerman).

Then to say that it was him crying out for help in that recording is disgusting to me. I could not imagine listen to my childs plead for help .. because someone is trying to take his life and then to have the one who took his life say it was him screaming. I find it disrespectful and disgusting that one would do that.

Then to supposedly chase him say that you were acting in self-defense and then hear this young man screaming for help and you did not stop wrestling him?

I tried to distance myself from this story … because I do not like to be so emotionally gripped by something that could possibly turn out so unfair. I hate injustice …

But honestly, I did try looking at this from both sides I tried to remain unbiased but it is hard.

We had Joe Morrissey come to our church community center for I guess a rally for Trayvon Martin … and he said something that made me think and it kind of stuck with me ….

“In cases like this we have to find a silver lining”

Honestly, it did not take long for me to find that silver lining and I know it has been brought up a million times before but I can see some good coming out of this case. In regards to that stand your ground law. Is there a possibility this case has and will shine some light on the flaws within this law?

I went on to MSNBC and watched another video that had about a man in Texas who was locked up for supposedly raping a college student some time back and she picked him out of a line up. Come to find out (long story short) the man who did it wasn’t even in the line up and he confessed years later. Unfortunately, the man who as wrongfully arrested and sentenced died while in prison BUT his name was cleared and set into place new regulations for doing line ups … and now his family is fighting to have it implemented throughout the U.S.

Then, I thought what does God think about this. You know how we begin praying “Oh God get him and make him pay” …. but then God put in my heart that it takes one sacrifice, to set others free. This one case can set millions free … this one injustice can create justice for all those to come. Just like with a man in Texas by the name of Tim Cole … his in-justice caused justice for millions of people facing death and time in jail …. just like God sending us His son …. the in justice done to him justified us and set us free from bondage and death of sin.

So, while we know an innocent life was lost and no it should not have happened. Lets look on with hope that this will really open the eyes of the people of this land … and that we create a movement and a law to prevent this from happening again.

RIP Trayvon Martin and Thank you Jesus … for being the leader of movement to reach and touch millions and thank you for you sacrifice to set me free.


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I am 28 years old and from Virginia. I am the proud wife of the most wonderful man together we have three of the most annointed and highly intelligent and comical children. I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a dancer, a fighter, a visionary, and passionate but most importantly I am child of God. View all posts by strader612

2 responses to “Silver Lining ……

  • Naphtali

    I was wondering where you were? on the sofa huh? I love your humor…
    so glad you brought this up. I don’t know enough about it all so I can’t say one way or the other but I love how you see something good to come out of it. I am so sorry this happened and actually I see it every day where I live. Injustices from both sides, especially the young people who just want to fight. I was telling this to another blogger because we need to get together and do something. One high school boy in our church told me where he and his mother live they have been broken into 8 times and the police do nothing. They can’t afford to move so they live in fear. We live in one of the highest crime rated cities in the country, mostly as I said young people. It breaks my heart hearing how people can’t get along. Any suggestions how we Christian bloggers may be able to write to unify each other? I think we need something. It’s not like you aren’t busy or anything! lol just thought I would add to your to -do list!!!!

    • strader612

      Aww .. Thank you Hun for thinking of me!!

      Yes, I have been trying to get in some R&R when and where I can lol … and the sofa is the spot! I just block out everyone else in the house and doze right off into dream land lol!

      It does seem as though, you know, those who do wrong are getting away with it but it keeps ringing in my mind ( I cannot think of where it is) but it is in the word. One of the prophets crying out because of all the injustice in the land. I will find it and let you know. But it is sad … and it is really disturbing to hear about the young man at your church who deals with this on a regular basis. It is sad when we categorize people and just becasue you are in this area or this income bracket, this race, this religion then you are basically .. bottom of the food chain. If things continue I see people dying out and history repeating itself.
      I think a way we can avoid history repeating itself is informing our young people about the struggles we as a NATION have faced. People parish due to a lack of knowledge. So, we need to let people know where we have come from as a nation and what is avaiable to everyone who has a mind to be heard and provoke change.
      Mr. Morrissey said … let your congress man your mayor … your city delegate (or whatevger they are called lol) know what is going on. If one doesn’t show interest in what is going on move up the chain of command. We as a body of believers should be heard to. Yea, we are under a different order and of another law of life and freedom … but we at the same time are to abide by the laws of the land .. and they affect us too … as for that young man take it to your city counsel … or city hall whatever ya’ll have in place you guys as a church can stand behind this young man and his family. Churches have a bigger impact than I think we realize … it is up to us to tap into that power and restore our communities.

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