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There are times when we feel like weĀ have to know. Times when not knowing seems as if it might drive us to the edge of sanity. Times when questions burn so intensely that it seems that they might consume us.

After Jacob wrestled with a heavenly being all night heĀ hadĀ to know his name (Gen 32). After Job lost everything heĀ hadĀ to know why he was suffering (Job 3). After the Israelites were brought out of Egypt theyĀ hadĀ to know why God was apparently going to let them die (Exodus 14). We see it again and again throughout the Old Testament.

We might wonder if New Covenant believers would be able to overcome such moments. After all, we have the Holy Spirit, and He knows everything. There are even verses that we could use to back it up. Such as thisā€¦

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