Life ….


So today … I had a random fit of irritabilty. Which was completely random and totally out of the blue and apparently for some unknown reason.  I ended up calling my husband to “let him have it” all over a changed password. So after nearly 45mins of being on the phone with the intial reason of calling way behind us we some how get on the subject of the world “coming to an end” in Decemeber.

Being the Jesus FANATIC that I am … I said that I was not worried about it because no where in the bible did it mention my purpose driven life ending like that. I want to go out in a bang … having fufilled everything God has called for me to do … mind you I havent skimmed the surface of my calling. Anyway, I went on to tell him, that some thing could very well happen because mother nature is capable of any and everything, but the world coming to an end …. I dont think so at least not this way.

We had many random subjects to follow that from … if people could be quarantined due to illnesses that alot of people suffer from regularly to depending on others for help … is it wrong to place that burden on a person or isn’t it? The effect of one persons sickness on everyone. The willingsness of the family to be there for them. Is there really healing after you have overcome a potientially deadly disease, to the common cold … we talked about EVERYTHING!

We finally came to the conclusion that are lives are only mere vapors. My husband said we try to prolong death but it is inevitable .. you cannot escape it.  Here today gone tomorrow. We are only in our late 20’s and we have been together for 10 wonderful years and produced three goregous children  but it seems like we just met.

We reasoned that  …life is short.

 I concluded that this life no matter how long or how short … is only given by the grace and mercies of God. We ought to make the most of our time here. Make it purposeful and be sure to leave a positive impact no matter how big or small.

Try not to think too much on things you have no control over … but give it to God becasue that is what he told us to do. He also said not to worry about tomorrow .. all while promising us trails and tribulations. But he did also say having done all we can do just stand.

That is what life is made of  .. those up and downs. Being able to fight hard and fail then being able to some times just  stand and succeed.

Life was made so simple in all of its complexities.

                        Embrace life and take it for all that it is and all that it is not.

Life is short … give your life to Christ … Laugh often .. Love deeply … forgive yourself … forgive others … smell the roses … feel the breeze and complain less.


About strader612

I am 28 years old and from Virginia. I am the proud wife of the most wonderful man together we have three of the most annointed and highly intelligent and comical children. I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a dancer, a fighter, a visionary, and passionate but most importantly I am child of God. View all posts by strader612

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