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Weekend Ending …..

I just wanted to say that I hope all of you have had a wonderful weekend. It is now unfortunately coming to an end … but with the hopes of many more to come (God Willing). I am now enjoying the All Star game with my husband and the kids are sound asleep. So, I thought I would use this time to type a little something.

I hope everyone has a blessed and wonderful Monday! I will see y’all then …. ūüôā


No Fear Over Here ….

Look you guys, I am so excited today! I am excited because first, the weather is gorgeous( a¬†beautiful¬†79 degrees), the sun is out, I really¬†think I lost some weight, I’m style’n¬†and profile’n¬†in the 5in. heels, hair is perfect, the kids and husband are happy, I’m¬†SAVED¬†… and lastly I am thrilled over the success of my blog.¬† I am so thrilled and over the top giddy about this blog that 1:30 could not come fast enough.

Style’n¬†and Profile’n

My husband told me yesterday that, this is (amongst many other things) is what he has envisioned me doing (blogging that is) and great thing is that I totally agreed.

“If you dream with him, He won’t dream with another”
 Dr. Mike Murdock
(had to throw that quote in there)
Anyway, when I talked to a co-worker of mines today (whom I love dearly) we talked about just doing the things God has placed on our heart to do. One thing we talked about that keeps many people stuck is “Fear“.¬† Well, good news is – is that :
Christ took that to the cross and we have already overcome!
¬†Many people pray for deliverance from a thing and then we get up and totally leave it up to God to work on … and while that is a wonderful thing we have to understand that the¬†key is: we have to begin to act on that thing.
While some things are totally dependent on the perfect timing of God and we do need his hand to do the work for us, we can still call those things that are not as though they were and move and act in faith. So, if I have prayed to be delivered  from fear and to act in a Godly boldness and confidence then I need to walk in it. If I want for my blog to become successful and reach millions, then I am going to talk and act as though I have already reached my one million followers! You get me??
Hey,¬†Jesus prayed in the garden ” … if this cup could pass from me …” … the He said “Nevertheless” and he got up and eventually¬†proceeded on in what God called him to do. Some of us (me included) need a “Nevertheless” in our spirit and in our heart and minds. That I may see this .. and I might see that but “Nevertheless”. I may feel this and I may feel that but “Nevertheless“.
People of God ….. God has not given us the spirit of fear … but of¬†¬†love, peace and a sound mind.¬†
¬†We can no longer walk in timidness and doubt or fear .. worry … and whatever else may hinder you. We cannot let what we feel or see dictate how we go forth in life … if you are worried about what your past has been … let it go … it has been forgiven and forgotten … go forth and live. If you are afraid of what people may say or think… to heck with it … Jesus is Lord¬†and I ain’t got to please you ‚ôęcuz I’m FRESH‚ô™¬† sorry, I am really feeling this broke out in song I’ll post the song for you all later.
But lets vow today and challenge ourselves that we will not live in fear. Stand up to whatever is¬†holding you down … and let the world know you are NOT AFRAID!

Welcome New Followers!!

This Blog is specifically for my new followers … I just want to say “Welcome”!

You guys have no idea how much this means to me … as corny as that may sound. I said in my first post “Hello World” that our lives our open books .. according to the word we are “living epistles read of all men” (makes you think, huh? “What are people reading in my book”). So with this¬†oppurtunity, I will share all that I am learning and have learned and I share with the hope that it touches and inspires you to Live out Loud and reach to new unimaginable heights in Christ Jesus.

All of my blogs are open for discussion … I don’t have all the answers but God does and so does Google lol … ok, that was corny too.

I believe that all conversations should have meaning to them and it should challenge you to think bigger and to think outside of the box. Every conversation should add something to you .. never take away. So, I really do pray that these posts and our discussions¬†will challenge us¬†all the while edify and glorify God.¬†Truth is …¬†you will gorify something in your life … whether you realize it or not.

So if you have something you would like me to post about or you have a question send them my way … or you just like what¬†I have to say¬† or you don’t send that my way too I just won’t post that … didn’t mean to put that. I am open to different point of views becasue we all have them and sometimes you have to agree to disagree.

Coming up in the near future I want to add a page for natural hair as that is the newest passion. I don’t know if you noticed in my “About Me” section in my lovely picture … I am Au’ Natural¬† .. No¬†Additives No Preservatives! So for my natural¬† beauties no matter the race or hair type … this is for US!!

Anyway, Welcome Followers and Cheers to Happy Blogging!

Oh No ….

¬†¬†¬†¬† OMG …. I am having the¬†worst case of writers block or is this bloggers block?? I was working on another blog and had a sudden thought of “what are you talking about?”

¬†Have you ever had something in your head that made¬† so much sense¬†… but as soon as you open your mouth to convey this wonderful world changing point of view … it comes out choppy, in-complete and¬†grossly misunderstood.Leaves¬†you¬†thinking “what happened?”

 Well, that is what I am experiencing lol.

Yesterday, I was on fire and I honestly should have utilized that while the getting was good.

Maybe I am thinking to hard.

I dunno … but I do hope to have something for you guys soon!

I am open to any ideas if you all have some! A little help will be greatly appreciated! lol


Love & Understanding

First Dance

One Week ago my husband and I attended a couples workshop at our church ( shout out to Pastors Michael and Danielle Hathaway lol). And we had an awesome time exploring the ins and outs of this thing called “Marriage”.

We played games-one to see how well we knew each other and the second a trust game Рand might I add me and my husband blew it out the water. We also had questions written by each of our spouses and it was anonymously placed in the basket and pulled at random throughout the workshop.

It was our turn to pull from the basket and the question was

” What does love and understanding really¬†consist of?”

That question for some odd reason had utterly blew my mind; and not in a bad way.¬†It made me think…¬†I don’t know¬†about my husband but¬†I know¬†I have had so many light bulb moments¬†in regards to¬†our relationship, and how we co-exist together, how we treat each other and how being together allows me to see “Me” and how he sees “Me” too¬†and vice¬†versa.

We see so much¬†more than our¬†“surface”. We see more than that¬†facade we can¬†easily¬†put up for others.¬†¬†My husband sees that weak, quiet, vulnerable and¬†bruised side that others might not see. He sees me when¬†I take off my cape because I¬†know my arms are not strong¬†enough to¬†win the battle. He see’s my insecurities, he knows my fears.

He has witnessed my fits of rage and my bouts with confusion, he has rescued me from depression.

But in all of this he see’s and loves deeply and often without hesitation¬† “Me”.

It reminds me of Ephesians 5 22

“Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her 26 to make her holy, cleansing[a] her by the washing with water through the word, 27 and to present her to himself as a radiant church, without stain or wrinkle or any other blemish, but holy and blameless.”

So when we pulled the question

“What does love and understanding¬† really consist of?”

It made me think of Christ’s undying love for us. That in spite of all of our foolishness and vanity and despite all of our “quirks” he loves us. He can look at us and see right through us and see what we have been destined to become. He is able to look at the least of them and see the King and Queen inside.

The love me and my¬†husband share says “No matter what you do, no matter what you say .. I love you”¬†. Our love says I will keep no memory of any wrongs. Our love says I know you aren’t perfect. Our love says I know your weaknesses and what makes you angry.

Our understanding we have with each other says ” I know that you are a ball of imperfection but I know and understand that there is more to you than what many think¬† they see. I understand that you have a call of greatness on your life. I understand God has entrusted you with me and me with you and I want you to understand your life is safe in my hands. I¬†Understand that no matter what comes nothing will tear us apart. Because when no one else understands¬†“I do”.

Reblog: The Most Important Thing You’ll Ever Learn

This blog was absolutely phenominal! Very true and inspirational and I found myself in it!

BA Expat

I’ve never really been one to follow the masses or participate in the rigid march of conformity. I sold candy on the black market in 5th grade, started an auto parts company when I was 16, skipped my senior year of high school, and was on a one-way flight to Vegas during my college graduation.

At age 23, I was making plenty of money and was only working a few hours a day. It was every guy‚Äôs dream ‚Äď living in Sin City, improving my Call of Duty skills with previously undiscovered dedication, and embracing a general lack of responsibility that I hadn‚Äôt experienced since‚Ķwell, college. So, after a year in Vegas, I took the next logical step ‚Äď I moved back to New Jersey (where I grew up), ¬†started working for the family business, and signed a 15 month lease with a new girlfriend that I met on


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Hello world!

Hello World!

So this is my first time “blogging” and sadly I am having writers block … or would you call it bloggers block?¬†I can say that my blog is not without purpose. I hope that with this some one will read this and be intrigued and inspired. Life is a journey and everyone’s life is an open book. A life of triumph and failures laughter and tears … all of which I intend to share (with discretion of course). The bible said that we overcome with the blood of the Lamb and by the word of our testimony. So, as I grow and go through life I plan to share with everyone in hopes that it will set someone else free …

So let’s go ….